The main ingredient:
Our passion for gelato.

Success is always born from a dream.
For 30 years our dream has been to delight the sweetest of palates with our daily treats.

Our family

Our history dates back many years ago to Caorle, a small seaside town near Venice, where during the 1970s, within a small artisanal laboratory, we created the very first, and original, bottled Sgroppino: a ready to drink ice cream dessert.
A success dictated by the use of only the highest quality ingredients and production process, which have led us to grow quickly.
Over the years we have become a company that today, is able to satisfy small, medium and large production quantities, whilst constantly maintaining our artisanal origin. We give constant great attention to product quality, which is always overseen by our family.

Goodness before everything else

“Starting out as a small artisanal laboratory that has created traditional gelato through skilled ability, to then becoming a modern Company that maintains that same attention to detail, requires three things: quality ingredients, original recipes and an exceptionally good final product”.

in prime position.

There is one daily commitment that has always driven us, and that is the continual search for quality. In order to create that exclusive taste experience, and to conquer the palate of those who love the unmistakable pleasure of gelato, the ingredients must be genuine and the recipes those of Italian tradition. Traditions from which we are inspired to create delicious new flavours and products.

The people

Our original recipes, which are typical of the Italian tradition, perfectly blend together with modern processing procedures and state of the art production lines. However, what truly makes the difference to us are the people, who with professionalism, passion and enthusiasm, create Doretto’s specialities.

A responsible future

The continual evolution of our processes, based upon solid artisanal knowledge, materializes in respect. Respect for the product which is created in both a careful and accurate manner. Respect for the people, those who are an integral part of the procedures, and respect for the environment. Thanks to eco-sustainable choices, such as our photovoltaic system, we are able to reduce CO2 emissions.