Creams and Sorbets

Creamy ice cream indulges you with its irresistible smoothness and depth of flavor, while the fruit sorbet bursts with the freshness and intensity of seasonal fruits.


Our line dedicated to gourmet dining is born without compromises.

Every creation is a demonstration of artisanal mastery, with carefully selected ingredients and an unparalleled dedication to taste.

Mango Alphonso Sorbet

It's an authentic explosion of tropical flavor with an intense taste, featuring a special sweetness derived from the high quality of the fruit used.

Lime and Ginger Sorbet

A palate-tingling sensation with the freshness of lime and spiciness of ginger.

Peach and Passion Fruit Sorbet

An exhilarating touch of juicy sweetness from yellow peaches that harmoniously melds with the exotic flavor of passion fruit.

Raspberry Sorbet

It's a symphony of vibrant flavors and seductive aromas provided by juicy fresh raspberries, carefully selected.

Ciaculli Mandarin Sorbet

A citrus delight thanks to the juicy sweetness and intoxicating aroma of Ciaculli mandarins.

Mediterranean Pistachio

An irresistible harmony of velvety creaminess and intense flavor, crafted with expertise using premium pistachios.


It's a creamy symphony of indulgent elegance and rich flavor. Made with premium mascarpone.

Salted Caramel

A journey through elegant creaminess and enveloping flavor. Crafted with high-quality artisanal salted caramel


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