Italian tradition
meets the future of desserts.

Our ready to drink dessert is worked with the same artisanal care as that of ice cream. This is why the slow whisking process makes it so thick and creamy.

Our ready to drink desserts

Lemon Sgroppino

A unique and original lemon speciality. The fresh taste, which is aromatically enhanced by the flavour of Sicilian lemons, perfectly blends this Sgroppino with the sweetness of milk thus, making it a delightful pause. Already present on the tables of the Venetian aristocracy during the 17th century, it has become well known over time as a delicate interlude between main courses, or as a fresh digestive at the end of a meal. Available in the alcoholic version with Vodka. The ready to drink Sorbet is the non-alcoholic version that is scented with Sicilian lemon juice and which is delightfully refreshing and light.

Lemon Sgroppino

Alcoholic with vodka

Lemon Sorbet

Alcohol free

Coffee cream

The creaminess of milk is blended together with the aroma of the finest quality 100% Arabic coffee.
It is an intense and unmistakable aromatic voluptuous dessert, which is perfect for any time of the day, as an Italian-style coffee break.


Liquorice Sgroppino

A delicious dessert with the intense aroma of 100% Italian liquorice. Fresh and full-bodied in every single sip, it is ideal for those who love decisive flavours.

Alcoholic with vodka

Savour the moment

Pleasantly fresh and creamy, our ready to drink dessert is ideal for any occasion.
Savour it both alone or in company, at the end of a meal or at any other convivial occasion.
An “Italian Style” pause.


Suitable for all, it’s perfect in any moment.
Available in various types of ready-to-use packaging. It must be kept in the freezer and taken out shortly before use.


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